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Mespil Story – How This All Started!

Mespil Group is the brainchild of founders Elaine Carroll and Kapil Khanna. Both Elaine and Kapil have worked internationally with Fortune 500 companies in professional services, online advertising, financial services and pharmaceuticals industries at a senior level. They came together through a mutual interest and enthusiasm for helping businesses to achieve their goals and have never looked back!  

Fact 1: Elaine and Kapil are married to MESPIL but not to each other!

Who would've guessed?

Kapil followed his heart all the way from India to Ireland and is now settled in Dublin with his young family. Elaine only had to jump the border from Tipperary to Limerick where she is settled with her husband Noel and children Jack and Tara.

The Mespil team bring a wealth of experience in Strategy, Business Development, Marketing (both traditional and Web/Social), International Marketing, Sales Consultancy, Training and B2B Event Management.


Fact 2: The truth is that we are not a big advertising or graphics or a web design agency BUT we offer more than that..

Mespil is all about connecting dots, bringing strategic and project management expertise to accelerate your business growth!

Mespil’s USP is our 360-degree strategic approach, and our multi-talented team. We start every project asking ‘Why’ and ‘What’ and dig deep inside your business objectives, your team and resources, and understand your customers to get you – the client –the results you want. As a company, we are proud of results we have achieved for our clients in the span of last 2 years and indeed our own achievements.


Fact 3: Did you know that word MESPIL is an acronym for our services (M+E+S+P+I+L) we offer? ->

Do ask one of us when you talk to us next time!

What Do We Do?

Drive Strategy > Build Systems > Accelerate Growth

We are passionate advocates for helping businesses to accelerate growth and connect with their target market. We do this in a number of ways – through strategic advisory, lead generation, marketing campaigns, web solutions, sales consultancy and training and engaging B2B events.

Here’s how we help:

Fact 4: Beware, our ambition is infectious!

We enthused & inspire our clients to dream, dare and do!

Who We Work With?

We specialise in working with progressive businesses who are looking to raise their brand profile, build / improve sales and marketing systems (web, social & traditional), connect with their target market and expand business – nationally or internationally.

We have established a strong client base, in Ireland, the UK and beyond. Our aim is always to accelerate growth for our clients.

Some of our projects include:

Meet The Doers

I am Kapil Khanna



I have an extensive business consulting experience, having previously worked with Irish consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

I am Elaine Carroll



I am a business development consultant, keynote speaker and trainer with 12 years’ indigenous and multi-national experience.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

I am Niall Devitt


Senior Consultant

I am top 10% influencer with over 10 years’ senior management experience – growing companies in the Irish, international and online marketplaces.

I am Andreea Ciucan


Head of Web Strategy and Development

I specialise in integrating online and offline marketing strategies to create a seamless experience for the end user.

Hover images_Phillip
I am Phillip Twyford


Head of Web and Digital

I have worked in Marketing for over 25 years with clients ranging from SME’s to large multinationals in the development and execution of both creative and business strategy.

I am Andrew Casey


Digital Marketing and Social Media

I am skilled in growing followers for all social media platforms and creating content that followers can’t help but share.

I am Ana Zorzonel


Graphic Design

I bring creativity, passion and personality to each project to ensure your brand creates a lasting impression.

I am Sarah Tigue


Associate consultant

I help create strong and smart marketing strategies that will give your business a boost.

Bryan Maybury
I am Bryan Maybury


Senior Consultant

I have a strong track record of entrepreneurship and international business success in a range of executive and non-executive leadership roles.

I am PJ Holmes


Business Development and Sales

I am based in Limerick and has extensive experience attained in business development over the years.

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